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Images: Jaymz Eberly / Ian Young
Special thanks to JMVfoto for the lighting

Words: Ian Young

cars: '66 Cadi and '71 Cadi



Gina Georgette is a quiet storm … a quiet monsoon rather. She’ll show up and you won’t even notice she’s there until all of the sudden you find yourself drowning in a sea of natural beauty, blinded by her unexpected and completely undeniable charisma.  Anywhere this woman goes you will have known she’s been there.  She embodies the change you go through when you meet the quietest, most unassuming yet amazing person you’ve ever met in your life. When we met Gina I was in the car, writing her interview … being cordial, totally being as polite as possible … but something wasn’t right. Something inside was telling me, get your ass out of this car immediately and start snapping pictures... right now!!! I’m looking at my notepad and thinking, what??? … Whatever, brain… just keep focused on these questions …  but something was pulling me away from my notes … it was Gina and her awesome presence. All of the sudden, I looked up and there was this stunning image I just had to capture and absolutely could not deny. It was her … just standing there, talking to my partner Jaymz and all of the sudden it’s like I was in another world … the feeling was hard to believe. Suddenly the only words I could muster to her were rudely yelling, “stay right there” as I scrambled for the camera. I just hoped she was o.k. with me jumping out of the car with no introduction … snapping picture after picture. I hoped she was as down to earth as I had the forewarning she was.  And she was. She struck a pose and I felt like I was gonna blow my camera up. Wow, at this moment this woman possessed the power of the sun and I just hoped that as mere mortals, we could contain it. Gina was pure sunlight, and I was hoping to god we could capture on film how powerful she is in real life.  So cover your eyes. The professors you had in school were right telling you not to look directly into the sun. Put on your sunglasses because you are in the presence of a true goddess. Ladies and gentlemen, miss Gina Georgette.


Lowrider Pimps: Alright it’s your partner in crime, Ian Young here from Lowrider Pimps back again. Today were here with the lovely Gina Georgette. I appreciate your time sweetheart.  How have you been doing?

Gina Georgette: I’ve been doing great.

Lowrider Pimps: So how long have you been modeling?

Gina Georgette: I’ve been modeling for about two years this July.

Lowrider Pimps: Ok, Is that your real name?

Gina Georgette: Gina Georgette’s my real name.

LP: That’s awesome, your one of the few girls that that’s their real name.

GG: Yeah it’s funny because my mom, she’s straight from one of those ranches in Mexico and I have no idea where she came up with my name. I mean, they didn’t even have a television over there.

LP: Man … I mean it sounds famous y-know?

GG: Yeah … Gina Georgette.  I’m just very thankful.

LP: That’s great … that’s so awesome. So how’d you get started?

GG: Well, I’ve been a part of the Rockabilly culture … I’d say since I was about twelve, thirteen years old or so. It’s just the culture in general. The music, the dressing, the cars, you name it. I’ve had this genuine passion for it for as long as I can remember.  Y-know, tons of friends telling me “You have the look of a pin-up model”.

LP: You do … you really do.  You’ve got the classic look.

GG: (laughing) I never thought of it that but … whatever.

LP: (laughing) It’s workin’ … So where are you from?

GG: I’m from Carson.

LP: Yeah? Ok … ok. How do you describe your style?

GG: It’s a style from within. I wear what makes me feel good inside.

LP: That’s what its about … that’s what it’s about.

GG: Absolutely … it’s about comfort.

LP: Yeah, because it comes across in the image if your uncomfortable or if your not all there. It’ll totally come across.  What exactly attracts you to pin-up?

GG: It’s something that’s been inside me for a long time.  Being able to show that in images, y-know, it would drive any girl that’s into it crazy. I try to show as much as I can with eyes … or body language.

LP: Yeah … yeah. You really capture the moment well. Especially the stuff we did today. It’s awesome.

GG: Thank you.

LP: So who have you gotten a chance to work with so far?

GG: Oh man. I’ve worked with so many photographers I love so much. I’ve worked with Cosmic frog, JMV, Greenspan’s … 

LP: I love the stuff you did with them.

GG: Thank you.

LP: I saw the issue of Rockabilly you did.

GG: Maggie St. Thomas shot that one. That was so much fun. Brought the Latina out of me, it was great.

LP: Pin-up has such a vintage and classic feel to it. It’s hard to see it ever change,  but, in you personal opinion where do you see it going in the future?

GG: Well, I hope it lives forever. It’s a passion … it’s a flame that I hope never burns out.

LP: What is it about it that you enjoy the most?

GG: Well, I think you kind-of summed it up with the class and the sexiness all sewn into one.

LP: What do think of the sort of pin-up style that we’re trying to bring back into the way lowriding is portrayed as opposed to being all raunchy, overexposed or whatever.

GG: It’s great because it shows other girls out there that they don’t have to be something they don’t want to.

LP: Yeah … you can be you.

GG: You can be you. Look at me. I’m short, curvy and petite… and hey

LP: (laughing) Your bite-sized.

GG: (laughing) I’m bite-sized and you guys out there still appreciate me and it’s wonderful.

LP: Yes we do … so much. I also read that you’re a singer?

GG: Yeah … that’s probably my number one passion.

LP: Really?

GG: Yeah … I do traditional Rockabilly singing.

LP: That’s great, that’s great.  Are you considering going into that because you have the perfect look.  You would blow up … so big.

GG: I don’t know if I’d pursue it per say. Um … as long as I get to sing for a crowd, I don’t care where it takes me.  I’m happy with just being vocal … with singing. 

LP: That’s good. That’s where your heart’s at.  It’s not for anything shallow or …

GG:  No it’s not … definitely not.  It’s about passion. Everything I do … I don’t care what it is. That’s what I tell everyone. Do it with heart.  And if you do it with heart, you can do anything … anything.

LP: For me myself, I can see how you would be a huge influence to a lot of people out there … but is there anyone out there that inspires you to do what you do?

GG: Man … I’m inspired by so many people.  I’m inspired by tons of beautiful women out there. Of course, Betty Page, Marilyn Monroe … all the pin-ups. Of course my mom, my background, where I come from, who I am … all of that, it’s about being true to yourself. 

LP: That’s honorable…

GG: …Always be true to yourself.

LP: Do you have any advice for anyone that’s just starting out or y-know can look at you and be like “I want to do that”.

GG: …Yes, absolutely.  Again, just follow your heart and follow what you feel inside and if it’s something that you feel inside that is what you want … than you’ll do it. Go to your photo shoots … never go alone. Do your research. Take TONS of pictures … get acquainted with makeup … and the style… cuz nine times out of ten there wont be a makeup artist on the set … or wardrobe.

LP: So learn that …

GG: … Learn that. Learn to have an eye for those types of things. And again, just follow your heart and don’t let anything or anyone get in your way or stop you. Just get out there … who cares.

LP: Awesome. You’re a natural at posing too so would you suggest studying up on … the old pinups or …

GG: Oh yeah. Absolutely. Look into the old pinups … see their work and … but bring it from within.

LP: Yeah … it’s gotta be YOU.

GG: Yeah, and smile from the inside … because it will radiate through your eyes. Regardless … just show who you are from the inside.

LP: What are some of the obstacles you’ve had to overcome to get to where you are today?

GG: Well, first of all … I am very poor. I have to money… (laughing)

LP: (laughing)

GG: …Um I don’t have a dad. I have a very, very small family. Two brothers and a mom. But again, you let that passion drive you toward whatever you do. I go to school, I model I work … and I sing. And as long as I love it, I don’t have to sleep. (laughing)

LP: (laughing) That’s why you get up in the morning.

GG: Exactly.

LP: So how do you keep yourself motivated and inspired to keep moving in a positive direction?

GG: Well, I don’t let anything get to me. As long as I’m happy … until modeling or school or whatever stops making me happy I’m gonna keep going.

LP: Where do you see yourself in the future … like in five years?

GG: Five years from now… good question, because I’m a person that lives day-to-day. I do have hopes and dreams of becoming a successful a graphic designer.

LP: OH WOW … are you serious?!? (trying not to seem as blown away as I am)

GG: Yeah … and I wanna continue to be a part of the whole Rockabilly culture. Singing, … modeling … as long as people appreciate it.  As long as people continue to welcome me, I’m happy to be there.

LP: Yeah, we definitely appreciate it. So, you haven’t been doing this for long but it seems like you’re a natural already … that’s great.

GG: (laughing) Thank you.

LP: Did you have anyone out there that you wanted to shout-out or say hello to?

GG: Dude … I have so many people that put me here. Yeah, lets see … The Warrior Sperm Company… adore him to pieces. My family of course. Greenspan’s … for putting my name out there. Rockabilly Monthly for putting my face out there. Beautiful people I know like Bernice, Connie, … um Chris. My brothers Jay and Edgar and my mom.

LP: Well I really appreciate your time, you coming out here to meet with us and everything. We wish you the utmost success and we’ll see you at the top.

GG: (laughing) Thank you so much. I appreciate you guys having me.

LP: It was an honor it was to interview a woman such as yourself and you keep up the great work.

LL: Thank you, thank you. You guys too.


Later on in the evening, after Hurricane Gina had worked her magic, and Downtown L.A.  seemed like a little bit more of a better place after witnessing her explosive persona we decide to not be greedy of any more of her time and call it a day. As we walked Gina back to her car we felt privileged to have met her. She dealt with the downtown dust and debris right along with us today, accompanied with the tons of walking and posing in her high heels; and we are truly honored for the opportunity.  Not to mention the neighborhood crazy lady that felt like she needed to yell at us from across the street all through our shoot … which by the way Gina handled flawlessly with a classic and old fashioned L.A. shrug and nonchalant disregard. We appreciate your aura and your presence Gina and we hope to shoot with you again and again and again and again. To all of you out there, lowrider fans or not … take a cue from Gina Georgette and just do you. Follow your heart and you’ll make it. Just look at her. This is Ian Young signing off. And we’ll see y’all out there on the boulevard  … drive slow and low.. . .

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