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MISS JULIE THE BULLY : Interview and Gallery

Words: Ian Young

Images: Jaymz Eberly / Ian Young


It was another all-to-familiar windy day in San Pedro and we’re out here flying through town trying to find a good location to shoot. You know one of those last minute, 90-mile-an-hour frantic rides through town. The kind that tends to find us all more often than not, scrambling to complete that most important thing on your to-do list that miraculously somehow is completely forgotten about until the last possible minute. We swerve a corner and just so happen to pass a cherry, nearly mint-condition red 1964 Impala to the right of us in a parking lot.

Knowing the urgency of the situation we both decided to go ahead and approach this car and take advantage of the damn near impossible chance that they not only would let us shoot it, but also wouldn’t think we were crazy for driving passed them once, busting a 60 mile an hour “U” turn in the middle of the crowded street, jumping out and run-walking up to them to ask if we could do so.

Sebastian, the Impala’s owner was cool though … he was actually pretty enthused about us asking him to shoot his car especially after we told him who we were going to shoot with his car … Miss Julie The Bully … one of the greatest and probably one of the only pin-up models who’s name alone could have pulled this miracle off.

Poetry in Motion:

Miss Julie has a cold. But being the rider that she is … she meets with us anyway for the shoot and lights up the scene like no other … leaving standers by in a strange sense of awe and amazement that they got a chance to witness such a random and spontaneous display of art.

Lowrider Pimps: Today we are here with Miss Julie the bully; I appreciate the interview and everything.

Julie: It’s my pleasure.

Lowrider Pimps: How long have you been modeling? 

Julie: I haven't been doing it very long, but I enjoy every minute of it. It's a hobby and a passion.

LP: How did you start? 

J: I've always been in love with the nostalgic eras. Every aspect of the classiness and respect and strength of women in the past. I love everything vintage and when I was given the opportunity to pose in front of the camera...I went with it.

LP: Yeah … 

J: It's not about money and contests and popularity...it's about empowering yourself. I love it when people tell me that my pictures look authentic to the time periods.

LP: That’s cool, your not like the average model, you have your own way of standing out, its real positive, its not all fake … its like an inspiration to a lot of women out there who want to do it (modeling) but don’t want to be all cliché and want to stand out there own way.

J: Right, I always hear a lot of girls saying they want to do pin-up but they think they don’t have the body for it. And I think in pin-up everyone has the body for it, its not something commercial, it’s something that sells feeling, your not selling anything else but your emotions … and your personality. 

LP: Yeah … your really putting the class back into it. 

J: Right … I’m happy to hear that!

LP: How do you describe your particular style? 

J: Well … I guess its really … gangster-nerd. (laughing)

LP: That’s cool though… that’s cool.

J: I really love classic music, I’m really into oldies, I love hip-hop, but then I also love classic rock, I love 80’s music. I’m really well rounded in every aspect so I think that’s what I try to show in my pictures... A knowledgable woman!

LP: What attracts you to that style? 

J: Well, growing up … that’s pretty much what I saw in my family. My dad owns a ‘63 Galaxy, and it’s like a big piece of crap, (laughing) but he’s always trying to fix it little by little so it’s looking better … and I guess just the culture I was brought up in, the whole Chicano thing, I’m proud to be a chicana. Also the glamour. When you watch old movies...the language and the grace is amazing. There's no vulgarity...but classy sexiness.

LP: That’s beautiful. And you bring that “WOW” factor to it too you know … 

J: Thank you …

LP: … the one everyone wants, like that drug, the girl all the guys want and all the girls want to be, you know?

J: That's the best compliment I have ever had!!! (laughing)

LP: So if you were one of the … just huge top models like America’s top model or something, what would you do with it? 

J: I think I’d change it, , It would be great to see more curvy women like myself...we need to be comfortable with our bodies the way they're made.

LP: Yeah I mean … cuz it seems it wouldn’t even faze you, y-know, like you’d be the same person regardless. 

J: Yeah, exactly. That would be wonderful if I were given an opportunity as big as that … but I mean, I still would stick to what I do and what I love doing, that’s not gonna change anytime soon. So I think that’d be awesome because that would help a lot of other girls break into it and … show some real women and how powerful we can be.

LP: Yeah … The realness of it. 

J: Yep.

LP: Well it’s really been a huge honor to interview you today and I appreciate your time. I feel honored and we look forward to interviewing you again!

J: Thank you ... yeah,that would be awesome! I think it's happy hour!


Another windy day in San Pedro comes to a close. Miss Julie The Bully was as gracious and amazing as the best of them and between you and I … was probably the only thing that really sold us with Sebastian and his Impala for this shoot today. Later we rode to more locations, dodged security guards ... and painted even more of the town red. We thank you again Julie. We’re really looking forward to our next shoot with you and maybe a nice gangster old-time low-rider from the Capone days. Watch out for that Lowrider Pimps fans and stay low you guys.... we’ll see you fools in the boulevard. . .

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shoot with Old Memories 1930's + Cars