Lowrider Pimps

Viejitos Car Club put on a great show on Sunday March 11th, 2007 and invited some homies from car clubs such as Old Memories, LA Style, Uniques just to name some of them.There must of been 100 or more cars there. It was the first at Boomerang's Grill and Sports bar in Anaheim. It will be going on every month, The flyer said every sunday, sad to here it is not (but I am sure more will come out once a month). The day was great, everyone was laid back having a good time, everyone enjoying themselves and with a bar and munchies right there, it could not be any better.

After cruising to the show in Anahiem. I walked toward the middle of the show where the bands were playing through out the day to see what was going on this crazy day (fires were burning in the hills, sad to see the lowriders getting ash on them). At the middle spot you could look down all the streets and see cars go parked down the streets. As I looked around and saw so many beautiful cars from the Viejitos, Old Memories, LA Style, Uniques (just to name some), I instantly spotted a few Lowrider sitting on 3 wheels, I rushed over to see this beautiful '64 Impala which I ran into Jose the ownder who is in the car club UNIQUES and he told me his car has taken a few spot lights, presently look out for it on the cover of Mr. Capones Latest music
CD (2007), Also check back later when we shoot his car for LP.

Car Owner: Jose

More cars/story coming soon

Images and story: Jaymz Eberly